Childcare Services

We offer a fully supervised Childcare service where children are encouraged to participate in activities of both an Educational and recreational nature.

We are now offering 5 hours per session.

  • Childcare Services Overview

Children visiting the Childcare Centre will be encouraged to participate in activities of both an Educational and recreational nature.

These activities will be provided by the Childcare Supervisor.

All efforts will be made to provide an individual child activity profile.

Further information regarding these activities may be obtained from the Childcare Supervisor prior to or after the Childcare sessions.

Creche Programs

Every effort is made to provide each child with a stimulating and worthwhile program whilst at the Mill Park Community House.
The Mill Park Community House Childcare has created a term based range of education and Recreational programs. A copy of which is displayed on the information board.
We also have a wide range of toys and equipment for all ages

Childcare Staffing

It is the aim of the Mill Park Community House to provide a high standard of professional care to all children.
All staff hold current Level 2 First Aid and Resuscitation Certificates. In addtion staff are trained in the area of Asthma & Anaphylaxis Management.
In addition to this, all our regular childcare staff hold relevant certificates in Childcare.

Hours & Times

The Mill Park Community House Childcare times are as follows.

  • Monday -Thursday:




 Childcare sessions will usually coincide with adult program times at the Community House, however Occasional Childcare is available on a daily basis.

Food & Drink

The Mill Park Community House supports Healthy Eating for young children.

Parents are asked to provide a small healthy snack which can include:

  • A Sandwich
  • Small pieces of fruit
  • Yoghurt

Snack foods including Chocolate, chips and lollies will not be accepted. 

Children will be provided with ample supplies of water during their time at the Creche.

A copy of the healthy eating plan is available on request.

Fees & Payment

Creche Costs are as follows:

  • Occasional Care:
We offer a Term fee.  Call our office for details
  • Course Care: 
This is an Hourly Rate.  Call our office for details

Cash or EFTPOS is available


Childsafe Reportable Conduct Scheme aims to improve organisation's responses to allegations of Child abuse or child related misconduct.  The Commission for Children and young persons is an Independent oversight body.

The Mill Park Community House is party to this scheme and we will work closely with Children and their families and carers to ensure that we comply with all the stated rules and regulations.